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Welcome to Ataco Aviation.

The complexity in the development of a qualitative standardization of processes, security and technology poses great challenges for aviation partners. Management, cockpit staff and other decision-makers rely on a current knowledge transfer that ensure security and competence with high quality and cost-efficiency.

Aviation Training

Training & Check flights

ataco trains professional cockpit personnel on the common Airbus and Boeing models.

In addition to comprehensive, competent preparation for job interviews and simulator assessments, we also carry out proficiency tests for the B737, A320 and the "Gulfstream 550/450" sample and offer, for example, Jet Orientation courses.

Aviation Auditing

Aviation & Auditing

Aviation is complex. Therefore, it is crucial to observe the legal requirements and at the same time to define and control the employees involved and their processes. However, successful quality management and necessary controlling must be considered equally. Our aviation auditing therefore checks the general and legal regulations in real time on their implementation and compliance. We create corresponding lists of regulations and always consider the individual activities of all employees involved. In this way, processes are optimized and high security standards are created that are economical and legally compliant.

Aviation Consultation

Aviation & Consultation

ataco-consulting brings you up to date, advises you strategically and operationally on the cutting edge. We implement permanent legal innovations and sensible current teaching methods in your knowledge base.

In addition, we advise on the establishment of ATOs and DTOs and support the development of manuals for optimal quality assurance. Our consulting team will advise you during the approval process for flight training devices and the implementation of virtual reality and augmented reality teaching methods.

When creating manuals, we advise you on the following topics, for example:

  • Preliminary check of the manufacturer's documentation
  • Factory acceptance of the simulator from the manufacture
  • Creation of documentation
  • Description of the management system
  • User documentation
  • Financial efficiency
  • Feedback system
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Safety Management
  • Technical documentation
  • Planning system
  • EASA approval process
  • Preparation and creation of EASA documents
  • Accompanying the acceptance on site
  • Acceptance flight according to EASA Testguide Manual
  • If necessary, follow-up in the case of finding

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